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Fluorescent Tools: Enhancing Perspective, Accelerating Discovery
Janeth Pena

Última modificación: 2023-09-19


Sandia Biotech provides unique, proprietary antibody and protein-based reagents to biomedical research scientists worldwide. Our technologies include Super Folder proteins and Split-Fluorescent proteins that can be used for high-throughput protein analysis. We recently developed a rapid production pipeline for our robust line of recombinant and inherently fluorescent antibody analogues, termed FluorAbodies®. FluorAbody® technology replaces cumbersome conjugated antibodies. FluorAbodies® have a distinctive molecular structure that allows the removal of steps in labeling protocols, making it beneficial in diagnostic applications that require processing of hundreds of patient samples a day. All our FluorAbodies® have a unique 1:1 ratio of Fluorophore to binding site that allows accurate fluorescent quantitation of an analyte. We will showcase applications that can be enhanced by the utilization of FluorAbodies® and share several approaches that elevated our business through strategic partnerships and co-marketing tactics that have expanded our market reach.

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Split Fluorescent protein, antibody analogues