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The Growing Life Sciences Industry in New Mexico
Janeth Pena

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New Mexico is the home of two National Laboratories and several well-established research Universities. Despite this, the state of the economy in New Mexico and its continuous investment in other fields of economic growth kept the possibilities for development in the Life Science field limited.  Fortunately, several governmental and private entities have pushed for a change and by 2020, the Life Science Industry was selected as a “target area of growth” for economic development in the state of New Mexico. Several organizations have joined together in efforts to grow the ecosystem that will push and accelerate forward start-up companies in biotechnology for the purpose of job creation, growth, and improved economic development. I will describe the ecosystem that is being built in New Mexico with regards to start-up companies in biotechnology and provide hypothetical road maps international students/entrepreneurs could take to navigate the complexities of language, education, and economic barriers.


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New Mexico laboratories, biotechnology industry, students entrepreneurs