Conferencias, La simbiosis en el puente cognitivo entre la física y las matemáticas

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Research as Advanced Learning Process in Materials Physic
Manuel Antonio Ramos Murillo

Última modificación: 2019-11-13


The cognitive aspects of learning at higher education level for STEM disciplines, mainly focused in Materials Physics has become a challenge that in many occasions exceeds learning process as typically occur in lecture halls and based on textbook material. Fundamental aspects such as superconductivity, electronic structure, catalytic and reactivity of advanced materials in some occasions cannot be well understood without using state of art equipment and modern tools including clean room facilities for fabrication and surface science instruments like Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopes. In this regard, this talk is a brief discussion of the positive impact has by performing research activities as learning process pathway mainly for materials physics for pre-collage, undergraduate and graduate students from STEM disciplines. Authors have experience mentoring undergraduate and graduate students from UT-El Paso and IIT-UACJ and will share of former student experiences in research topic

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