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Design and characterization of a biological system for bone tissue
Nelva Rebeca González Rodríguez, Juan Odin Ramírez Fernandez, Esmeralda Zuñiga Aguilar

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Fecha: 2022-10-26 12:55 PM – 01:10 PM
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Tissue engineering with its great advances has managed to revolutionize the whole world, it is responsible for developing biomaterials, such as an artificial extracellular support matrix, which replaces the natural one and provides a three-dimensional space, so that the cells can form the new tissue with its appropriate structure and function. The matrix must provide the conditions and environment for adequate cell regulation, to achieve this, adhesion, migration, proliferation, and differentiation are used, as well as the adequate delivery of bioactive factors such as growth and adhesion. The objective of this in vitro test system is to simulate a bone and it is in two parts so that one is screwable. A radial flow hydraulic circuit was designed and simulated in Solidworks by solving the Navier-Stokes equations to have a non-turbulent environment and to see what cell flow looks like using macrofluidics and cells. Finally, the in vitro test system was printed by additive printing techniques using a photosensitive resin to perform the first flow, tests with dyed liquids and check the hydraulics of our design, which are shown in this work.

Palabras clave

Biomaterials; Bone Tissue; Tissue Engineering; Biological System; Bones