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Design and printing of a biological system for liver
Grecia Valero Martínez, Juan Odín Ramírez Fernández, Esmeralda Zúñiga Aguilar, Fabián Equihua Guillén, Adrián Moisés García Lara

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Fecha: 2022-10-27 10:10 AM – 10:24 AM
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Advances in tissue engineering have made it possible to mimic the cellular behavior of organs; in vitro liver cell biological systems are a clear example that is becoming more important in pharmacological and toxicological research because they make it possible to mimic various physiological processes individually or jointly. This project presents the design of a small-scale biological culture system based on the functional unit of the liver, designed in the CAD Solidworks® software, the design and simulation are presented; using the flow simulation tool of the same software the correct geometry of the device will be checked, as well as the 3D printing, tools, and materials. The objective is to present an innovative device that allows the manipulation and transport of cells, in addition to maintaining the conditions of the liver microenvironment for its correct destruction and to be able to perform in vitro studies on the device.

Palabras clave

Biological system; flow simulation; additive impression; portal triad; hepatic lobule