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Hepatic Cell Radial Flow Bioreactor Parametrization and Characterization as an Alternative Therapy to Liver Failure
Héctor Adrián Ramírez Núñez, Juan Odin Ramírez Fernández, Jesús Abraham Castorena Peña, Jesús Emilio Camporredondo Saucedo, Omar Anaya Reza

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Fecha: 2022-10-26 12:25 PM – 12:40 PM
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Tissue engineering propose solutions to diseases such as bioreactors. Mathematics can determine biokinetic parameters, providing skills to optimize operating conditions. Therefore, this study aims to design a dynamic mathematical model that describes behavior of liver cells, protein, and substrate production in a bioreactor. The results showed that proposed model can predict behavior of variables over time. Some of the biokinetic parameters found are YXS=2.94 gx/gsYPS=5.46 gp/gs, and μmá0x=1.84 1/h. Contrastingly, a parametric sensitivity analysis was executed to find parameters that have the greatest effect on biomass and product concentrations. The parameters are YXSαβ for biomass, and μmáxYXSKPS for product concentrations. As part of the study, different simulations were employed to determine performance at different initial substrate concentrations. The results show the higher initial substrate concentration, the lower the yield within the first 8 days. After this time, yields are similar for all initial substrate concentrations.

Palabras clave

biokinetics; biomass; biomathematics; bioreactor; glucose; hepatocytes; Monod; product; substrate